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About US

FCSTAGE was created as a result of the cooperation of people with over 20 years of experience in the event, club, theater and stage markets. Our company is constantly developing, bringing together enthusiasts interested in the latest technologies. Thanks to our long-term involvement in the music and event industry, we approach each challenge individually and fully professionally.

Our brands, such as ADJ Lighting, DuraTruss, AccuCable, AccuCases, Avante Audio, LaserWorld, RTI and Tarm, effectively support our clients, ranging from music bands, DJs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, community centers, concerts, events, festivals, ending with theaters and television. Thanks to such a wide range of products, we are able to provide the best solutions for small, medium and large customers.

On a daily basis, we cooperate with a wide range of retail companies, the installation industry, rental companies, concert organizers and lighting contractors, providing advisory, sales and design services tailored to each investment. Many years of experience and individual approach allow us to serve such a diverse group of clients.

Faced with a dynamically changing market, we constantly expand our knowledge with new technological solutions and customer expectations. Countless hours of acquired knowledge, training and continuous exchange of experience provide us with professional knowledge and professional advice.

Our Brands
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Over 35 years in the international market, ADJ is a very well-known brand in the retail, club and professional markets. Providing high quality stage lighting ranging from small led lights to advanced IP65 moving heads

A Dutch brand providing stage trusses, platforms and accessories with full European certification

Market leader in lasers in the entertainment industry. It offers everything from simple effects for home use to the most powerful event lasers in the world.

The group includes the brands Laserworld, RTI, tarm, Showeditor, Showcontroller, LaserAnimation Solingen and Laserworld Academy – a unit dealing with training in the field of safety and operation of lasers.

Avante Audio

Wolfmix is a new approach to lighting control! A standalone DMX controller with a wide range of effects designed for live events without the use of a computer.

Synchronization with music, quick configuration, lots of effects, up to 4 DMX lines. Huge computing power and over 1,000 devices in the library. It will support almost any device, and the built-in fixtur generator will ensure control of the most sophisticated products. And all this in a very compact housing.

International manufacturer of lighting for bands, DJs and clubs. Their offer includes budget products, ranging from disco effects, mirror balls, LED lights and moving heads. A wide range of products and high quality at an affordable price.(Edytowano)Przywróć oryginał

A rapidly growing American brand of active sound systems aimed at the semi-pro market. Currently, its offer includes broadband systems from the Achromic series and linearly aligned Imperio Pro systems. They are the first in the world to introduce the Milan system (AVB) to small linear systems.

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